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So, what exactly is it that puts the ‘magic’ in Magic Corn? In a word, it’s the quality of our product. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on since 1988, and it’s what makes us superior to other corn products.

Magic Corn is a sweet yellow hybrid corn grown by our Malaysian partners in more than 1000 acres of prime farmland of fertile soil, particularly Potassium, Phosphate, and Nitrogen presence which are very essential for sweet corn growth. Magic Corn is high in fibre, niacin, and to a lesser degree, Vitamin A.

Magic Corn retains a level of crunchiness and juiciness that’s unsurpassed. That’s because we’ve developed a unique method for extracting the whole kernel of corn from the cob, as opposed to the faster method of simply cutting the kernels from the cob.

  • Lemon

  • Curry

  • Bar-B-Q

  • Garlic & salt

  • Chilli

Magic Corn

Our farmers use modern techniques to produce better grades of Maize and our research team strives towards improvement to longer the shelf life and nutrition standard of corn.

Each corn plant bears one fruit; kernels are uniquely extracted from the cob manually without cutting the tips to retain the nutrients and juice of each corn grain and nutrition standard of corn.

We have developed a unique method for extracting the whole kernel of corn from the cob, as opposed to the faster method of simply cutting the kernels from the cob. Once the kernels have separated from the cob, they’re immediately frozen within the hour to seal in all the natural nutritional goodness. No preservatives are added, of course.

Our factory and warehouses are well equipped with production, processing, packaging, and storage systems to ensure the finest quality corn with NO preservatives added. And that’s because we want you to taste only the corn and nothing else but the corn.

The company

Magic Corn is a trusted name in high quality food products and services which is duly incorporated company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We are a cutting-edge company that is committed in exploring and developing new products and ideas to our portfolio while maintaining our commitments to social and environmental causes in a proven operating network stream-line system in local and international key markets by optimizing all the resources available and with the flexibility of our structural organization.

Our team is composed of innovators and developers with a proven track record in the field. We are dedicated to elevate brand awareness amongst consumers in potential markets.


We have built up a substantial reputation and goodwill in the Franchise Food Chain Network which is associated with the highest standards of quality food products and customer services.

Popular locations to start your business include canteens, shopping malls, food courts, complexes, theme parks, office complexes, train/bus stations, stadiums… the list is endless. In fact, any place where people congregate is a perfect spot.

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Also included in our list of product lines are well-known brands of which are internationally marketed as well.